Apex All in One PDF Tools

Apex All in One PDF Tools has highly advanced options to perform on PDF documents on a single click. You can easily split your PDF files in several set of pages, merge any number of PDF documents in one, remove unnecessary pages as well as extract specific pages from document, protect PDF files using user and owner password security, change PDF page size, edit PDF meta information, add watermark and bookmark on PDF document and do many more with your PDF files using this great tool. It supports both plain as well as password protected PDF files to perform any operation in batch mode.

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18 votes Vote

Add ghostscript for pdf making

Add ghostscript support for pdf printing. Apex All in One PDF Tools is very good software but lack of pdf making with pdf printer. I also found that while saving pdf slit file it can not ask for name of file so oringinal file is overwritten if we...
DHARMANG, 18.08.2016, 16:27
17 votes Vote

uninstall/reinstall does nothing, says GOTD expired

install/reinstall does nothing, says GOTD expired and only way is to close. So, uninstalled definitively.....
Beranard, 18.08.2016, 09:30
12 votes Vote

same here. key has expired and nothing to enter th

p.h., 18.08.2016, 10:03
11 votes Vote

nowehere to enter registration key already provide

says GOTD expired, and no way to enter my name and key as per instructions
Ian, 18.08.2016, 09:01
2 votes Vote

Your free giveaway license has expired..

it tells me that the free giveaway license has expired. I have cleaned the registry and it still will says that the registration key has expired.
Jennifer, 18.08.2016, 19:13
2 votes Vote

same "expired" problem

J.R., 18.08.2016, 23:47
1 vote Vote

Include the ability to act as a PDF Printer

Allow printing of other document formats (.doc/.docx/.lit.epub/etc. to pdf format without having to use multiple programs to do this as is the case now. I suspect your printer feature would be more versatile than that which comes with Windows 10
Maurice Byers, 18.08.2016, 14:22
1 vote Vote

Add export option to word and excel

Add export option to allow exporting of data to any and all Microsoft office products and/or Open office products. Exporting documents to word would look the same as it does in a PDF. Exporting to Excel could have robust options for extracting...
Y7V4r2Ux8GepB3, 18.08.2016, 17:23
1 vote Vote

search and replace certain words or phrase

Just need it.
ming, 18.08.2016, 21:38
0 votes Vote

Register Apex

Had to uninstal old version and manually clean the registry. If you do that, be careful, because you may remove other entries which have the ‘apex’ sequence of letters. Then, install the Giveaway. The registration page comes up.,
DONALD SHRIVER, 18.08.2016, 13:12
0 votes Vote

unable install, says setup file corrupted

P Ferenc, 18.08.2016, 14:55
0 votes Vote

Include OCR for PDF pages that were imaged.

I often download PDF files from Google Books. The process they use creates an image of a book's text, not the actual text, which I require. I really need you to include OCR for PDF pages that were imaged.
Dae Powell, 18.08.2016, 16:53
0 votes Vote

Rotate then extract page(s)

It would be nice to arrange a scanned pdf in proper orientation, by rotating inverted pages then save the pdf.
Dragoș Teodorescu, 18.08.2016, 23:38
0 votes Vote

Dumb People Didn't Test It: Fails to Register

As much as I like GOTD, this was a complete FAIL. Software starts with activation screen ONLY. Putting in my name and the key results in the "Activate" button remaining grayed out. Tried removing dashes to no avail. One cannot even "look at...
Cee Jay, 19.08.2016, 04:37
0 votes Vote

registered w/out problem. The design is poor.

Installed, registered without problem. Before deep testing; the design seems to be laconic to me ...
Gabor, 19.08.2016, 06:31